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Tandem Flight allows you to do the paragliding with an experienced pilot, enjoying the view of cliff, ocean, and beautiful beaches from the sky.

Sit comfortably in a chair-like harness connected to the pilot, glider, and back up parachutes, while flying for 10 minues to relax and enjoy the Paradise Island from 200-400 feet above the ocean.

Rp 900.000Rp 1.000.000


Upon arrival, you will guided to register, measure the weight, and get the fly number. While waiting for your turn to fly, you can relax in our spacious lobby and enjoy the welcome drink before being recalled by our ground crew to prepare. Equipped with all safety gears compatible with FAI (Federation Aeronautique Internationale) and European Standard, you are required to wear the sport shoes (trainers or sneakers) to fly with our certified glider, helmet, and harness. If you don't wear any sport shoes, we provide some shoes with various sizes for you to fly with.

Once ready with the shoes and helmet, you will head to our spacious take-off and landing area to get briefed about the safety procedures and equipment before flying. With the light action-camera (GoPro) provided, you can automatically capture the remarkable moment of your entire flight. You will also get the certificate from RIUG Paragliding.


Your safety is our first priority.

All of our pilots are all licensed with T2 (Tandem Pilots) certification from FASI, a Hang-gliding and Paragliding Association of Indonesia, which requires more than 150-hours flight over various fields before getting certified. Most of our pilots have also won national paragliding championship which reinforces the skill, safety, and accuracy in flying the paragliding.

Since this outdoor activity is depending heavily on the weather which can be changing from time to time, we have all the rights to run or halt the flight after considering about the wind direction, windspeed, and the weight of the passenger. The youngest recommended passenger is 12 years old and the oldest is 64 years old, depending on their height, weight, and health condition. While our gliders can hold up to 210 kg, the heaviest passenger to fly within our safety range is 100 kg.

When the wind is not holding up to do the top landing on the initial take-off site, we have prepared another landing site on the beach where you will picked up to get back to our centre. Frist Aid Kit and insurance are also included in the price, which cover the risk up to IDR 500 millions per passenger. As an additional tip, light jacket or sweater might be helpful to wear during winter season in Australia.