Located in the 3,000 meter squares area of land, RIUG Paragliding has the best facilities among other Tandem Paragliding operators in Bali. Taking our guests’ comfort and safety very seriously, we provide a relaxing, safe, and comfortable amenities in our site.

Take off and Landing point

In 2,000 meter square area, our take-off and landing area is covered with synthetic grass, making it safe and comfortable for us to fly and land.

Please Note: Sometimes we landed on the beach depend the wind condition during the flight.

Riug Paragliding landing area
Riug Paragliding landing and take off area
Riug Paragliding Take off area


Relaxing, spacious, and airy lobby made of natural bamboo provides full access for guests to electricity sockets for charging, speakers for music, and Wi-Fi to stay connected. Some bamboo benches and hammocks are available for guests to sit in comfortably surrounded by the breeze, while waiting for their turns to fly.

Riug Paragliding Lobby
Riug Paragliding Lobby Facility
Riug Spacious and Relaxing Lobby

Certified Helmets and Sports Shoes

All of our paragliding equipment are compatible with FAI (Federation Aeronautique Internationale) and European Standard, including helmets, harness, and glider. Since guests are required to wear sport shoes, we also provide various size shoes for guests to fly with for those who are not bring any trainers or sneakers.


From the spacious wooden gazebo by the cliff, the guests can sit, relax, and enjoy the ocean view while waiting for his turn to fly, or just to say ‘Hi’ to your fellow friends flying around.